Eskimo Brain 3-6-9 Liquid 210ml



Whether you’re studying for exams, or looking to boost brain power, Eskimo Brain 369 is the supplement for you. Containing active ingredients to help with brain and cognitive function, this formulation is the key to improved focus and mental performance.

  • Omega-3, -6 and 9 plus vitamin E, vitamin D and Coenzyme Q10
  • 1500mg Omega-3 including 400mg Omega-3 DHA for healthy brain function and vision.
  • Vitamin D which contributes to normal bone, tooth and muscle function plus a strong and effective immune system.
  • Omega-6 GLA to support hormone regulation and skin health.
  • Enriched with vitamin E & rosemary for incredible freshness and stability.
  • Lemon – flavoured with natural lemon fruit oil – Sugar Free and Sweetener Free.

Award Winning:

  • Voted Best Natural Product in the Irish Pharmacy OTC Awards 2019
  • Gold winner Best Product for Mental Health and Well-being in Rude Health Awards 2020
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Eskimo Brain 369

Eskimo Brain 369 provides the same premium, pure and fresh fish oil used in the original Eskimo®-3 products, but has been combined with specific, active ingredients to help support mental performance. Comprising over 90% of the omega-3 fatty acids in your brain, DHA has been shown to improve learning, mood, memory and concentration, and a minimum of 250mg is recommended by the European Food Safety Authority daily for good brain health and vision.

The importance of these fatty acids becomes most obvious when they’re lacking. People who don’t get enough omega-3s in their diet can become demotivated, disinterested, forgetful and may even experience low mood. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential as your body cannot make them so they need to obtained from food. Surprisingly, according to an IPSOS/MRBI survey, a massive 89% of Irish people are not consuming enough oily fish (e.g., sardines, anchovies) in their diet, so there is often a need to supplement. Taking 4 capsules daily provides EPA and DHA roughly equivalent to 4 portions of oily fish per week. If you don’t consume many foods rich in healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil etc. then Eskimo Brain 369 is a good option.

Omega-6 from evening primrose oil is rich in linoleic acid & GLA which is vital for hormonal regulation, skin health and for cellular communication in the brain. As well as Pufanox, a patented antioxidant mixture to keep the oil fresh and stable, the addition of CoQ10 a potent antioxidant is added to support optimal energy production in the brain.

Eskimo-3 always uses reliable, sustainable fishing sources and has a Friend of the Sea Certification.



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