PHYTO; Phytomillesime Beauty Concentrate For Dyed Hair


Size; 150ML

Phytomillesime Beauty Concentrate for Dyed Hair is a global treatment for preserving the beauty of dyed hair, acting on three different fronts: protecting hair from aggressions like heat from styling procedures, strengthening the hair fibre so it regains elasticity and shine, easing styling procedures by fighting frizz and detangling hair. Dyed hair is subjected to a lot of damage and the sequential procedures of discolouring and colouring hair weaken the fibers and cause hypersensitivity, lack of shine and dry strands. This no-rinse care product can be used on wet or dry hair to protect the hair, detangle and hydrate the strands.

Phytomillesime is Phyto’s range for colored hair that provides a complete ritual to ensure that the colour is maintained and radiance is boosted. With 3 innovative actions that ensure that 1) there is a protective barrier created around each hair to protect the color; 2) the hair fiber is reinforced thanks to the super antioxidant extract of the red love apple to protect the hair from external aggressions and 3) shine is boosted thanks to the hibiscus flowers and extracts from fruits that soften and seal the hair scales.


Phytomillesime Beauty Concentrate for Dyed Hair has the following characteristics:

  • protects hair from external aggressions
  • strenghtens the hair fibre and restores elasticity
  • detangles hair
  • contains Red Love Apple extract, which is 200 times more antioxidant than a regular apple and derived from a 20-year investigation
  • more than 95% of ingredients from natural and vegetal sources
  • no need to rinse
  • suitable for dyed hair
  • can be used on wet or dry hair

How to Use

Apply Phytomillesime Beauty Concentrate for Dyed Hair onto cleansed and towell dried hair, spraying throughout the lenght of the hair and tips. Comb the hair and proceed to style it as usual. If you want to apply onto dry hair, spray a small amount to your hands and apply to hair.

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