Continuance Rose Gold Watch from Tipperary Crystal. The continuance in rose gold has a rich and luxuriant feel. The leather stap complements the rose gold plating and crystal setting on the watch case. Inset with crystal on the face, this beautiful timepiece is sure to please. Each watch has a twelve month warranty.

The new Tipperary Crystal Watch Collection is the epitome of refined style. A piece of workmanship which has been designed and created with the finest materials according to the Tipperary Crystal family tradition of excellence.

Care Instructions
With a little care, you will maintain the original look and enjoy this watch for a long time. We would advise you to clean your watch regularly using a soft cloth. Keep your watch in the original packaging. Do not leave it anywhere it might be subjected to major variations in temperature or humidity, in the sunlight or near strong magnetic fields. Water-resistant for daily life. Do not operate the crown when the watch is wet. Always set the crown in the original position. It may become difficult to pull the crown out due to dirt and dust getting in caught between the crown and the case when the watch is worn for long periods. To prevent this occasionally turn the crown freely back and forward.


Continuance Rose Gold Ladies Watch with Leather Strap


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